U.S employment remained unchanged in August

The US labor force remained flat compared in August: According to the recent U.S. employment report, which was published today, September 2nd by the Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding August 2011, the number of non-farm employees didn’t change during August compared with a revised increase of 85,000 during July and 20,000 during June. There were moderate increases mainly in the health care, but there were also drops in employment in information sector due to strikes.


U.S. Nonfarm payroll employment up to August 2011 September 2 2011

That being said, the U.S. unemployment rate didn’t change decreased during August and remained at 9.1% (as seen in the chart below).

Furthermore, the number of unemployed persons (14.0 million) slightly rose during August, while the labor force increased to 153.6 million.

Despite this news, the Euro to US dollar conversion is currently traded slightly down.


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