The Fed and USD – All You Need to Know – #54

It’s a big Fed decision, with no strains attached. We provide the background, scenarios and potential USD reactions – all you need to know. We continue by tackling Greece from two angles: the current situation and bank stocks.

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  1. Fed decision: The FOMC reaches this decision with no forward guidance and ready to provide us with new forecasts as the economy is recovering. But is it good enough for a liftoff in rates, or a hint of imminent action? How is Yellen positioned? What is priced into the dollar? We run through all you need to know for June 17th.
  2. Greek crisis: The last minutes of the 11th hour are here. Who holds the keys for a solution? What does it mean for the euro?
  3. Greek bank stocks: These institutions are more and more dependent on the ECB’s lifeline, but could they be at a bargain price?

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Yohay and Lior hold no positions on any of the stocks and financial instruments that were mentioned on the show. The podcast should be used for general information. This isn’t financial advice.

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