Recommended Posts to Start the Week – February 20

During last week there were many financial reports that came out but didn’t move the financial markets including the news of EU GDP had declined by 0.3% in the fourth quarter, the rise in Philly Fed index, and housing starts during January.  The week starts with the meeting of European finance ministers that will discuss whether they will approve a second aid package for Greece. This week there are several reports to be published that could affect the direction of the markets including U.S. new home sales report, Governor Stevens testimony, a G20 summit, China’s manufacturing PMI,U.S. existing home sales and U.S. unemployment claims.

As we are entering a new week, here are several recommended posts regarding the forex and commodities markets for February 20th:

In Forexcrunch, Yohay discusses the reasons why he thinks the EU financial ministers won’t approve or just delay today their decision of approving the second bailout package for Greece. I would also like to remind you all that Yohay’s forex blog Forexcrunch was nominated for FX-Street best forex awards. You are welcome to check out his blog and vote for it on any of FX-Street page.

Paul Krugman writes about the slowdown in the EU and tries to breakdown how bad this downturn is.

Kathy Lien examines the Euro/USD performance during elections years;

Michael Greenberg talks about the recent Dos attacks several forex brokers were under;

In oilprice there is an article on whether the time of big government is coming to an end;

Larry Greenberg refers to the possibility of Greek default;

In BO Crunch there is weekly setup for traders of binary options;

Today I have posted a short outlook for the Euro/JPY;

In Trading NRG I examine the weekly outlook for gold and silver for the week of February 20-24;

And finally, on Israel Business Review, I review the recent consumer price index of Israel.

Check out herein additional posts related to the upcoming week by Trading NRG: 

Have a great week!!

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