Recommended Posts to Start the Week – February 13

During last week there were many events that stirred the financial markets including the ECB rate decision, the testimony of Bernanke in the Senate and the approval of a new austerity plan by the Greek parliament. This week there are many items on the agenda that could affect the direction of the markets including U.S housing starts, American retail sales monthly update, G20 summit, U.S. CPI, Bank of Japan rate decision, and publication of the minutes of the last FOMC meeting.

As we are entering a new week, here are several recommended posts regarding the forex and commodities markets for February 13th:

In Forexcrunch, Yohay provides a weekly outlook for the Euro /USD exchange rate including the major events and news items that could affect one of the most important exchange rates; I would also like to point out Yohay’s forex blog Forexcrunch was nominated for FX-Street best forex awards. I think he has a great site with in depth analysis and urge you all to vote for his site.

Paul Krugman explains the misconception of many economists in regards to the reasons for a bubble burst.

Kathy Lien asks why Bank of England is expected to ease while ECB will not;

In oilprice there is an article on Obama’s obsession regarding solar energy;

Larry Greenberg talks about the U.S job deficit;

In BO Crunch there is weekly setup for traders of binary options;

Today I have posted a short outlook for the Euro/USD;

In Trading NRG I examine the potential outcomes for the price of silver in 2012;

And finally, on Israel Business Review, I review the recent rate decision by Bank of Israel.

Check out herein additional posts related to the upcoming week by Trading NRG:

Have a great week!!

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