EURO Sharply Inclined Yesterday –Daily Recap November 30

The Euro/USD changed direction and rallied over the Fed and five other Central Banks’ ease in US dollar based loans to EU banks. Most other currencies also appreciated against the US dollar such as the Canadian Dollar and Australian dollar. Here is a summary of the price movements of major exchange rates for November 30th:

Forex Market:

The Euros to USD exchange rate inclined by 0.97% to reach 1.3446; during November, the EUROS/USD fell by 3.0%. Furthermore, the Australian Dollar to US Dollar inclined by 2.82% yesterday and reached 1.0283. The GBP to USD exchange rate also rose by 0.68% to reach 1.5704; during November, the GBP to USD shed 2.4% off its value.

The US dollar to Canadian exchange rate sharply fell by 1.43% on Wednesday to 1.0173. During November the USD/CAD exchange rate inclined by 1.6%.

Finally, the US Dollar depreciated against the Yen by 0.39% yesterday and reached 77.6200.

Commodities Market:

Gold price sharply inclined on Wednesday by 1.83% to $1,750.30. During November, gold price slightly inclined by 1.5%.

WTI spot oil price also slightly increased by 0.57% and reached $100.36 per barrel; during November the WTI spot oil price added 7.7% to its value.

A Summary of Yesterday’s Exchange Rate Forex Changes:

The table below includes: closing prices, daily percent change, and change in prices and indexes:

Exchange Rate Forex euro to us dollar conversion 2011 EURO USD November 30

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