Euro/USD continue its rally| USD –CAD declined – September 15

The Euro to US dollar conversion rate kept on climbing and finished yesterday rising; the recent announcement of the ECB to provide US dollar based loans to European banks may have helped with the Euro/USD rally; the US dollar also depreciated yesterday against other major currencies including the AUD and GBP, but the USD appreciated against the CAD.  Here is a summary of the price movements of major exchange rates for September 15th:


The EURO to US Dollar conversion rate inclined yesterday by 0.89% and reached 1.3877. During September, the EURO to US Dollar declined by 3.4%.

The Australian dollar to US dollar also inclined by 0.44% to 1.033. During September, the AUD/USD declined by 3.5%. GBP-USD also slightly rose yesterday by 0.20% to 1.580.

US dollar to Canadian exchange rate changed direction again and on Thursday lost 0.58% of its value to 0.9836. This exchange rate completed a 0.6% rally during September (UTD).

Commodities prices:

Gold price sharply declined yesterday by 2.47% to $1,781. During September, gold price decreased by 2.70%.

WTI Spot oil price on the other hand increased by 0.55% to $89.40 per barrel; during September the WTI spot oil price inclined by 0.7%.

A summary of yesterday’s Prices Changes:

The table below includes: closing prices, daily percent change, and change in prices and indexes:

euro to us dollar conversion canadian exchange rate 2011 September 15


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