Forexnrg.com is a blog about currencies such as Euro and US dollar and provides an outlook and analysis of the relation between currencies; its purpose is delivering and analyzing news on a daily basis, while aiming to present different angles and insights into the news.

The blog started to operate in 2011 and is mainly run by me, Lior Cohen, an MA graduate in Economics from Tel Aviv University. After working for several years in a variety of economic related positions, which include, among others, economic consultant, and chief economist, I have decided to allocate my time to create this website. During my previous jobs I had to keep close tabs on the changes and fluctuations of crude oil’s prices. I plan to share my experience in this website.

Forexnrg.com is aiming to become a reliable and insightful source for companies or people who trade or invest or both in currencies.

Hope it will be interesting for you to read.


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